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I have spent the day excavating cleaning my room. As a direct result, I have now lost a two hundred dollar check.

This is what happens when you try to be organized. To hell with that, I say.
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I am not gonna be able to post this fic until I figure out a double entendre about Gilbert and a writing desk.



eta2: and posted. Yeah, so I'm gonna go hide under a chair right now, be back some time next century. /o\
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And here we go!

image heavy, List Of Chains )

And there we have it - all Chains from the manga only. I still need to put Cheshire and that Rocking-Fly-Horse Plus Friend in there, but it's good for now.

Though...check out the Gryphon pictures, if you could. I'm...really not sure they're the same. o_o Could be an art thing, but...
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So some of you may have heard me blabbing about a PH timeline I made during my little hiatus. This is it.

I think I caught most of the stuff that needed to be said, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm posting this here under flock to get some feedback first, and then I'll see about posting a link at the main comm.

now public! enjoy. ♥

Note: Things I need to go back and double check are in bold. I still can't figure out how to organize Gil's memories, or how to tell which Alice is in control at any given time.

That said...

a Pandora Hearts Timeline )

Feel free to use any of this info as you will. Any comments or suggestions would be adored. I'd love to keep this timeline as accurate and up to date as possible!

eta1: made it a little easier to read.

eta2: Added the first asterisk

eta3: Added links for ages and heights

eta4: Waiting on confirmation of Liam's age. Anyone got a copy of that Omake? Cuz I don't.

eta5: Sabrie/Sablier is officially Sablier

eta6: Okay, people. Liam or Reim? Pick your poison.

eta7: Fixed Alice's conversation with Vincent to reflect the right tense - 'will die' instead of 'already dead.'

eta8: Fixed Gilbert's age when he entered Pandora from 18 to 16. Ignore that.
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Here's the thing about that Stupid Egg. In my head? It is a black hole. Ever it showed up, every time I tried to think about what the hell it could be, all of my thoughts just went WOOOSH, into the void, never to return.

It drove me so crazy that for a long time, whenever I saw mention of that Stupid Egg, I plugged my fingers in my ears and went LaLaLaLaLa. Stupid Egg. La. La.

...and then I (maybe) had a breakthrough.

And there's every chance in the world that I'm wrong, but since we're getting very, very close to the wire (Sept 30!), I figure it's now or never. Time to put my chips on the table, so to speak. So.

i think i know what the egg is, maybe, possibly, omg THAT STUPID EGG )
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Look, look! I made a poll! :D It's a baby poll, but it is a poll. Go press the ticky boxes!


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Here's the thing. When I was a little girl, I never once dreamed about my future wedding.


I never thought about what kind of dress I'd like, I never thought about what my dream husband would be like, I never thought about flower arrangements or bridesmaids dresses or making sure I'd have something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue.

I did, at one point, think about the excessive cost a wedding is nowadays, especially the dress, but that's about all the concern I put into the matter before college.

I don't really know why the subject never interested me. I've said half-jokingly to my friends that when/if I get married, it's gonna be on a piece of paper in front of a judge and my family isn't even going to know I have a boyfriend until two weeks before the wedding date- just enough time for them to get off of work if they so choose.

Honestly, the only real thoughts I've had about my potential wedding day have been along the lines of how to avoid as much of the hoopla as possible.

...so why in hell am I looking at bridal gowns???


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