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Since we're heading into the New Year, I think it's a great time to make some lists. :D

What I Plan To Do in the Near Future )
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Seals and Symbols! There are...only three? )

I think that's all of them. Has anyone else in the manga used a symbol like these? If so, tell me and I'll add!
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And here we go!

image heavy, List Of Chains )

And there we have it - all Chains from the manga only. I still need to put Cheshire and that Rocking-Fly-Horse Plus Friend in there, but it's good for now.

Though...check out the Gryphon pictures, if you could. I'm...really not sure they're the same. o_o Could be an art thing, but...
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I went through the Pandora Hearts character profiles and listed them all from tallest to shortest.

...I was bored, okay?

gosh, those Baskervilles sure do eat their wheaties )

So Ada is the tallest girl. Jack is shorter than Gilbert (I knew it!). Oz is the shortest boy with Leo at a close second. Alice is the shortest out of everyone, and Liam is surprisingly tall.

And that's your Useless Information Quota for today. Carry on.
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Pandora stuff, because I like making random lists.

pandora hearts spoilers )

I can't wait for the next chapter to come out, omg.
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Things that make me happy: discussion on the [livejournal.com profile] xxx_holic comm! :D :D :D Half of it is me blabbing away at anyone willing to talk to me, but still. Discussion! :D

Things that make me feel FLAMES on the sides of my FACE
: The Last Airbender movie and the new headshots of the four leads. -_- (see [livejournal.com profile] racebending and [profile] aang_aint_white for more details.)

Things that are pleasantly surprising: The last Saiyuki chapter! That was interesting. More on this later.

Things that I really need to get my ass working on: Cliche Bingo. *small voice* Someone teach me how to write fanfic? I think I forgot...

Things that WILL happen sometime soon: getting G on either LJ or DW. It's gonna happen. I will make it happen. Yes, I will.

Things I am pondering: Is it possible to start up a Holic-reread comm? We've got a break right now and we're heading into the final stretch, so it seems like a good time to start one. Maybe something like, read two chapters a week, then discuss? Anyone on my flist interested?

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And hopefully, in addition to being alive, will be getting to answering comments sometime soon.

*waves* Hi again!

Posts coming soon:

Holic/Tsubasa stuff (finally it's starting up again and the Tsubasa OAD just came out, too. But-but...Yuuko!)

Supernatural finale stuff (omg, Castiel, you are awesome and conflicted and eeee)

Dresden Files (I post a lot on the Jim Butcher boards and I think I'm gonna import some of the ideas I've posted over there onto this journal, we'll see)

Vid (ahahaha, no. But I want to. I found the perfect perfect perfect DouWata song, no really, it's kind of embarrassing how much I'm invested with this, but it works so, so well. It's a cover of a song from the 90's and every lyric is perfection. At some point, I will provide visual evidence, yes I will.)

Star Trek (I have...a history with Trek. Mostly in that I don't like it at all. I was much more of a Star Wars girl when I was growing up. But this movie. THIS MOVIE. I don't want to be a Trekkie, no no no. Why do I like it so much???)

Graduation (actually, all I have to say is this- If you're going to quote 'Wear Sunscreen' in your graduation speech? Then goddamnit, say that you are quoting verbatim from 'Wear Sunscreen.' Especially if the students you are talking at would have been in middle school when the song came out and are therefore the MOST likely demographic to remember the damn song. K, thanks.)

(no, really, Jindal pulled FIVE things from that song, word for word. I just. I don't even know.)

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1) Have seen Fast and Furious. AWESOME. Will probably have some kind of recap later, but for now-  Brian + Dom = LOVE. Though I've pretty much lost my chance of seeing Watchmen in theaters. Yay for Blockbuster?

2) Am rewatching Avatar with a friend, half in person and half through AIM, because my *beep* job doesn't let me leave the building for 24 hours. Pfff.

We're up to the halfway mark in the second season, right before the overall plot really starts happening (the one with the creepy owl, you know what I'm talking about). Can't wait for the season finale. :D She is completely unspoiled for the series, unlike I was, and it's really hard to keep my mouth shut about certain things (I managed to not mention Toph AT ALL, and let me tell you, it was hard.)

3) Ahahaha, that FWR post I did last week? I think maybe I over did it a little. Or broke to many brains, or something. Comment thread on this journal went to 14, comment thread on the main xxxHolic community went to 122.  (The last time I posted over there it went up to the 80s. XD) Who has no life? *raises hand*

4) I have a couple more xxxHolic posts in the works, plus one on Merlin and Supernatural. We'll see. Mostly thoughts on Gwen and Castiel. I really can't wait for Merlin to start up again. It had such a good start, fandom wise, but the limited number of episodes (as opposed to American TV) may have hurt its...longevity? Or something. Anyway, more canon is always good and I've heard that there will be jousting this time around. *waggles eyebrows*

5) I am suddenly craving chocolate milk.

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1 - Tomorrow, I will post on KHR. And by KHR, there's a good chance i mean 'Gokudera.'

2 - At some point in the near future there will also be something on Merlin, once I get my thoughts together.

Plans, plans, plans. But for now-

3 - sleep.
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So,  using xxxHolic as a Happy Place? Totally works! I have been in great need of a Happy Place and Holic has been serving me well. Which is kinda weird, since I was actually really fannish about it over the summer and into some of the fall, but since then it's been replaced with KHR and Merlin. It still is KHR and Merlin, really, with some Supernatural thrown in, but Holic has made a triumphant comeback!

I have now decided that I am going to go back through both the anime and manga and make timelines (that will look like abstract art, because this is CLAMP) and make lists about everything that everyone has requested from Yuuko and the various prices and consequences involved with those requests.


Don't judge me.


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