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Figured I'd drop a post and let people know I'm still alive before I pass out. :D (why do i always post right before i fall over in a coma, is my procrastination really so bad i put off sleeping to the last minute?*)

The main reason for my absence - I have been playing a ridiculous amount of video games. So far I've finished Fable 2, Fallout 3, and I'm more than halfway through FFXIII. Yeah.

Read the Holic chapter and that was. Interesting. Particularly the stuff that was brushed off, but that's it's own post. On the one hand, it was really shippy. On the other hand, I feel like quoting the wisdom of Martha Jones at Doumeki: when it's gotten that bad and nothing has changed, you need to get out. ): I keep trying to tell myself this isn't leading somewhere heartbreaking and tragic, because, despite the changes, I am still ridiculously found of those two idiots. But then I notice the stacks of X siting smugly in the corner and I wonder who am I trying to kid. /o\

The news about Holic switching to a monthly magazine was less interesting and more wtf. Just when I was getting used to the uninterrupted updates, too.

The PH chapter was ♥. I'm waiting for the translations to come out, but I already have Things To Say. Of course. *rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation*

*yes. yes it is that bad. /o\
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