Nov. 20th, 2011 10:59 am
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(yuletide letter placeholder)


eta: short version in case I forget to expand on this (it's happened) - I love plotty pieces the best, but fluff is cute, too; I don't like tragedies, but a touch of bittersweetness is a-okay; and lastly, I love pairings, but prefer if they stay away from the explicit. Other than that, it's all good, bb.
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...ohmygod Yuletide.

*runs away, far far away*

*in another galaxy, even*

*lightsabers would be great procrastination devices*
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Reason prompts are epically late - ...I forgot that Yuletide has a deadline and I needed to, you know, work on that. /o\ I fear that if I fall asleep with it unfinished, it will grow tentacles and devour me in the middle of the night. But at least it's getting interesting! One of the characters might start speaking in rhyme! (kill me now)

*ponders* You know, if I make 20+ posts from now til January, I'll have made 200 entries in this journal's first year. On the one hand, 200 is a nice, round, pleasing number. On the other hand, my flist might kill me if I spam them with entries like, "Today was a bit chilly. I decided to wear a t-shirt instead of a tank top. Ah, December. The End."

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:D :D :D

1) I have snowflakes! ♥ ♥ ♥

Which is awesome, cuz those are probably the only snowflakes I'll get to see this year -- not much snow in south. XD

2) ahem. WHO DAT. 12-0, baby. <--doesn't even follow football, wtf.

3) ahahahahaha. Ha. Remember the whole 'why does Break look suspiciously like a fresco of the Virgin Mary' thing in the last chapter? Yeah, looks like that was done on purpose, according to Jun Mochizuki's blog. Also, I think she recommends people visit St Peter's Basilica at some point, but the translation's kinda funny.

(omg, I get that PH pulls from a quasi-Victorian age Europe, but why did she pick Break to draw in that pose? XD XD XD)

4) Drabbles! and drabbles that are not drabbles! They will be coming soon.

5) oh god, yuletide. And I just realized I lent out all of my relevant source material to a college friend. She lives in Houston. orz
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Dear Awesome Yuletide Person,


Again, thank you so much in advance and I hope you have fun this Yuletide season! *BIG HUG*

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Internet- still unavailable. D: D: D:

I've been able to get online for about five minutes at a time, left a few comment here and there, but yeah. The hiatus is unfortunately still in effect. Stupid internet. Hopefully things'll get sorted in the next few weeks. *sigh* This is what I get for relying on public hotspots.

But before I disappear again! [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fandom nominations and sign ups will be happening very, very soon and you all had better be getting your asses over there to nominate Pandora Hearts, cuz it looks like there might be a chance it could get through.

Also! Nabari and Karneval and Kobato and what have you all look like they'll have a chance as well. I don't think Holic or Tsubasa would be able to make the cut, though Holic has in the past. Still! There needs to be more anime fandoms in Yuletide. (especially fandoms that I will read in, *cough*)

Start thinking about your favorite books, movies, hell, your favorite commercials. It's Yuletide, baby.

(and yes, I will be signing up this year. will you?)


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