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- I...have five extra icons spaces? o_o How'd that happen?

- This song, I Know Things Now, should be one of Ada's theme songs. XD It's from Into the Woods and is sung from the perspective of Little Red Riding Hood. '...but he seemed so nice.' >D

- more Nightray rambling, I know, you're shocked )

- and I thought this was a metaphor, but maybe not? )

- one last thing. About the Alices... )
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Given that Tsubasa is ending this is probably a seriously moot point, but-

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Hey, guys.

You remember how we were shown White!Alice asking Break to do something for her, but not what that something was?

And you know how this series is called PANDORA Hearts? As in, Pandora's box?

So what is this??? )

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Here's the thing about that Stupid Egg. In my head? It is a black hole. Ever it showed up, every time I tried to think about what the hell it could be, all of my thoughts just went WOOOSH, into the void, never to return.

It drove me so crazy that for a long time, whenever I saw mention of that Stupid Egg, I plugged my fingers in my ears and went LaLaLaLaLa. Stupid Egg. La. La.

...and then I (maybe) had a breakthrough.

And there's every chance in the world that I'm wrong, but since we're getting very, very close to the wire (Sept 30!), I figure it's now or never. Time to put my chips on the table, so to speak. So.

i think i know what the egg is, maybe, possibly, omg THAT STUPID EGG )


Sep. 9th, 2009 04:01 pm
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Originally posted and discussed at the main Pandora Hearts community. This is just a copy/paste of the original post for my own reference.

So apparently there's been some stuff about Sabrie that has slid under the radar... )

So what do you guys think?
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Oh my god, it just occurred to me- why is Gil afraid of cats? How much you wanna bet the original Cheshire scratched Gil or something and that’s why Vincent gauged out it’s eyes?
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I've been reading a lot about Survey!Fail. I have had thoughts on the matter. Long, lengthy thoughts.

cut for thoughts on the utter FAIL of, wait, these guys have degrees? seriously? )
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So this took me forever to put up, but at least it's finally getting done. XD For anything that I post about the Dresden Files, consider it spoilers for all currently released books.

First order of business: I think Lily's parentage is fascinating. )

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I will never understand why people think amoebas-like patterns are fashionable. Maybe it's just me.
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Brief thoughts on the last Supernatural. And by brief, I mean, ahaha, oh god, it's another essay.

So let's talk about those potential ramifications of Castiel's Super-Spy Wink, shall we? )

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What the hell...? The new Holic is already out?

Not complaining! )
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TRC spoilers, what the hell is going on? )

 [livejournal.com profile] starlady38 has put up her translation, as has someone at Mangahelpers.

You'd think there'd be more clarification, what with getting two different language interpretations, yeah?

Yeah, not so much.
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So I've been doing a massive reread of Holic. And one of the crack theories that popped into my head is- yeah, spoilers for the first chapter, but I might as well cut. )
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  • I think Doumeki is a special little snowflake. He's just not a very loud snowflake, unlike some people.
  • I think a coherent timeline for this series is GREATLY NEED (i am also not holding my breath).
  • I think Haruka knows a hell of a lot more than he's let on. I think he's specifically protecting Watanuki, though I don't know why. I think he likes watching Watanuki squirm a little.
  • I want to know what the eff happened to the CCS crew because NO WAY would they have let...well. Spoiler.
  • I think the splash page of Himawari holding a book during the 100 Ghost Stories arc is foreshadowing her role in the Spider arc.
  • I really, truly think there's something weird going on when, in the first chapter, Yuuko said that having fifty years on that watch was good enough. Because, really- fifty years? o_o
  • I think that, in another world, Doumeki is Touya and Yuikito's kid (tall, dark and protective plus a bottomless pit). Yes, Yukito can have babies. ...shaddap, it's Clow, it could happen!
  • In my head (and only there, since canon doesn't actually support it) I think the priest Himawaris went to see when she was younger was Haruka.
  • I think... (in code for spoilers) that Original!S will get C!S's memories of C!Sjr which she had to give up, and that Himawari will get C!S's luck.
  • I think O!S's real name is Tsubasa. I have NO CLUE what Sjr's real name is.
  • I really want to know what that mirror in the first chapter was supposed to show.
  • The point of the shop is to grant wishes, but the wishes are usually in relation to bad habits/addictions. So. What, exactly, is Watanuki's bad habit? (actually, I might know this one already)
  • I think the woman with the computer? Was addicted to fandom.
  • After the last two chapters, I think Watanuki is gonna end up with the shop.
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How I got into Katekyo Hitman Reborn! or, I thought those numbers were *word counts*. )

Next up: what I think about the manga and also, my opinions on Gokudera (and by 'opinions' I mean psychological profiling because lord knows the boy probably needs it. I love Gokudera).


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