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A very brief thing about the latest Pandora chapter, and not about the obvious.

Why does Leo... )

oh! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] eire_endellion! ♥

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Posting this so I can add a link to it on the PH timeline:

current known ages for all characters in Pandora Hearts )

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So some of you may have heard me blabbing about a PH timeline I made during my little hiatus. This is it.

I think I caught most of the stuff that needed to be said, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm posting this here under flock to get some feedback first, and then I'll see about posting a link at the main comm.

now public! enjoy. ♥

Note: Things I need to go back and double check are in bold. I still can't figure out how to organize Gil's memories, or how to tell which Alice is in control at any given time.

That said...

a Pandora Hearts Timeline )

Feel free to use any of this info as you will. Any comments or suggestions would be adored. I'd love to keep this timeline as accurate and up to date as possible!

eta1: made it a little easier to read.

eta2: Added the first asterisk

eta3: Added links for ages and heights

eta4: Waiting on confirmation of Liam's age. Anyone got a copy of that Omake? Cuz I don't.

eta5: Sabrie/Sablier is officially Sablier

eta6: Okay, people. Liam or Reim? Pick your poison.

eta7: Fixed Alice's conversation with Vincent to reflect the right tense - 'will die' instead of 'already dead.'

eta8: Fixed Gilbert's age when he entered Pandora from 18 to 16. Ignore that.
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...oh my god.




It never ends. Because everyone is in a freaking time loop. It never ends.

This is what happens when I finally take the time to sleep! The world, it goes crazy!



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Tsubasa...is ending?


Oh my god.

*wanders around dazed*

...wait, what about Holic?
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*flaily hands* Supernatural premieres tonight! And well, I've been pretty spoiled for the first half of the season, but still- new episodes! :D :D :D Episode reaction will be behind a cut tag~


Sep. 9th, 2009 04:01 pm
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Originally posted and discussed at the main Pandora Hearts community. This is just a copy/paste of the original post for my own reference.

So apparently there's been some stuff about Sabrie that has slid under the radar... )

So what do you guys think?
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So this took me forever to put up, but at least it's finally getting done. XD For anything that I post about the Dresden Files, consider it spoilers for all currently released books.

First order of business: I think Lily's parentage is fascinating. )

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Everyone and their Clone: ...o.o


Everyone and their Clone:  D: D: D:

And thus the epic saga of Tsubasa continued.
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Supernatural Spoilers for Season 5! )

And for slightly related news, there's gonna be a new Resident Evil movie– and Jensen Ackles might play Leon! :D :D :D And some other guy is going to play Chris Redfield, but Leon! Will be played by Jensen Ackles! ^_^


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So the OAD finally downloaded.

That...that wasn't in the manga... )

Last thing- they got Ame Warashi's hair color right this time around! Good job!

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I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

And in the process of crossing over some posts. I've been fairly active on the Jim Butcher.com forum and have posted a lot about his Dresden Files series there. I'm going to be moving most of those posts over here soon, so hopefully there will be some more activity now. ^_^

Quick reaction on the manga front-

1) he was almost Hokage! that would have been so awesome. :D :D :D 

2) he's the son of his own clone. i just. i don't even know.

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What the hell...? The new Holic is already out?

Not complaining! )


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