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:D :D :D

1) I have snowflakes! ♥ ♥ ♥

Which is awesome, cuz those are probably the only snowflakes I'll get to see this year -- not much snow in south. XD

2) ahem. WHO DAT. 12-0, baby. <--doesn't even follow football, wtf.

3) ahahahahaha. Ha. Remember the whole 'why does Break look suspiciously like a fresco of the Virgin Mary' thing in the last chapter? Yeah, looks like that was done on purpose, according to Jun Mochizuki's blog. Also, I think she recommends people visit St Peter's Basilica at some point, but the translation's kinda funny.

(omg, I get that PH pulls from a quasi-Victorian age Europe, but why did she pick Break to draw in that pose? XD XD XD)

4) Drabbles! and drabbles that are not drabbles! They will be coming soon.

5) oh god, yuletide. And I just realized I lent out all of my relevant source material to a college friend. She lives in Houston. orz
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To the Americans on my flist: I wish you a very happy turkey day, or, if you are in the unfortunate position of having to deal with annoying relatives, then I hope you have an amiable turkey day, at the very least. May you all feel comfortably fat. :D
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Oh, my god. My school (alma mater? i feel so old, orz) has this rivalry with this much bigger school Across The Way and lately it has risen to new heights after Those Other Students invaded our cafeteria/buffet style room thingy (which we call the OR). At a recent game there was a chant war between the two schools and it went something like this:

Other School: The OR is Ours, the OR is Ours.



also- I'm a tag wrangler on AO3 for xxxHolic and I just volunteered for Pandora Hearts, though I'm still in the noob stage where I'm just sort of staring around at everything. AO3 is shiny. *_*
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So, uh. I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

cut for boring introspective stuff )

So, I'll do NaNo. I'll get back in the habit of writing every day and maybe I can relight the proverbial spark.

I work best under pressure, anyway. XD

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...my internet is out. Again.

Why do you do this to me, internets. Why.
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My puppy (who isn't really a puppy, he's like 80 in dog years) has gotten into the habit of hitting me with his paw when he wants attention.

Looks devilish, doesn't he? He's a twelve year old Norwegian Elkhound. Now, would you want this dog to hit you with his paw every time he feels that his ear needs scratching? *sigh* I'm afraid he's going to give me a concussion one day. >.<

He's such a spoiled brat. He'll give off all the cues that he wants to go out, and my mom will go down to the door with his leash and call him down, but he will just sit his fat butt down at the top of the stairs and won't move an inch until I get up from my very comfortable chair to take him out. Then he bolts right out the door. *head desk*

But he is my sweetheart, so I put up with his antics because I love him (the punk).

(Also, that's my mom in the background. :D)

btw, his eyes totes glow like that in real life, no lie.

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My internet's been really patchy lately, so I'm way behind at replying to comments. I swear I'm not ignoring everyone! Be back soon!

eta, Sept 22: And it's back up! For now at least. XD *waves* hi again!
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Here's the thing. When I was a little girl, I never once dreamed about my future wedding.


I never thought about what kind of dress I'd like, I never thought about what my dream husband would be like, I never thought about flower arrangements or bridesmaids dresses or making sure I'd have something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue.

I did, at one point, think about the excessive cost a wedding is nowadays, especially the dress, but that's about all the concern I put into the matter before college.

I don't really know why the subject never interested me. I've said half-jokingly to my friends that when/if I get married, it's gonna be on a piece of paper in front of a judge and my family isn't even going to know I have a boyfriend until two weeks before the wedding date- just enough time for them to get off of work if they so choose.

Honestly, the only real thoughts I've had about my potential wedding day have been along the lines of how to avoid as much of the hoopla as possible.

...so why in hell am I looking at bridal gowns???

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1) Bad thing- I lost my cell phone last week. Good Thing- A couple days later, a friend of my mom's decides to give me a Blackberry.

I don't even know the woman.

(So not complaining.)

2) I signed up for Cliche Bingo. *rubs hands* Minimum 500 words each, any fandom I want. Time to start writing. ^_^

3) Every time I see news clips about Tehran, I start thinking about Tienanmen. I hope it never gets to that and I hope these people are more successful in what they're trying to accomplish. I've been thinking about trying to learn Farsi.

4) Have been watching SYTYCD. Have come to the conclusion that I really, really need to get back into shape. *sigh*

5) I have a headaaaaaaaaaaaaache.

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So. People should stop hitting my friends with cars. Okay? Okay.


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