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Told ResLife about the Mardi Gras rescheduling, bought the ticket to Jersey, talked to H and N. Most everything is set. Just gotta wait a week.

I hear it's snowing in Jersey. I'm gonna die.

(should have kept that jacket i bought in japan)
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Am still sulking that the second Holic OAD won't be out until freaking June. I don't know what part of the country I'll be in come June. There's a chance I might even be in the country come June. It's all too far away!

(oh god it's not far away at all what am i going to do with my life i don't wanna grow up yet you can't make me)

So, yeah. Holic is coming out in June. Bummer.

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Who should be working right now? Who, instead of working, is eating ramen right now?

My work ethic is FAIL.
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...Tamrah got me sick.


I need to give presentations. I need to look like I'm not dead on my feet.

*whine whine whine*

But here's something that's good. A blast from the past- a Sentinel vid.

Secret: watching this vid is actually the most I've ever seen of this show. Nevermind that I've read every single Sentinel fic written before 2002.

The Sentinel- Switchman

You neo hippie witchdoctor punk. ^_^
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Ahahaha, recruitment. Fun times.

*shoots self in the head*

Why did I go for this position again? Right, right, I'm a crazy person. I forgot for a second there.
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So I lived in Japan for about four months. Hirakata-shi, Osaka prefecture. Did homestay, traveled a lot, etc.

The thing is, I got home last May, nearly a year ago. I've already forgotten a lot, which sucks, so I think I'll start posting things I remember from time to time. Like when I tried to get an account set up at Tsutaya (aka Blockbuster) through sign language and interpretive dance.

Also, I have pictures of Japanese 7-11s. I did not expect the Japanese 7-11s.

ETA: I also spent a month in India, which was a whole different experience and actually the first time I left the country. Stories about India will inevitably include rickshaws and Tibetan Monks.


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