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Internet- still unavailable. D: D: D:

I've been able to get online for about five minutes at a time, left a few comment here and there, but yeah. The hiatus is unfortunately still in effect. Stupid internet. Hopefully things'll get sorted in the next few weeks. *sigh* This is what I get for relying on public hotspots.

But before I disappear again! [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fandom nominations and sign ups will be happening very, very soon and you all had better be getting your asses over there to nominate Pandora Hearts, cuz it looks like there might be a chance it could get through.

Also! Nabari and Karneval and Kobato and what have you all look like they'll have a chance as well. I don't think Holic or Tsubasa would be able to make the cut, though Holic has in the past. Still! There needs to be more anime fandoms in Yuletide. (especially fandoms that I will read in, *cough*)

Start thinking about your favorite books, movies, hell, your favorite commercials. It's Yuletide, baby.

(and yes, I will be signing up this year. will you?)
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And hopefully, in addition to being alive, will be getting to answering comments sometime soon.

*waves* Hi again!

Posts coming soon:

Holic/Tsubasa stuff (finally it's starting up again and the Tsubasa OAD just came out, too. But-but...Yuuko!)

Supernatural finale stuff (omg, Castiel, you are awesome and conflicted and eeee)

Dresden Files (I post a lot on the Jim Butcher boards and I think I'm gonna import some of the ideas I've posted over there onto this journal, we'll see)

Vid (ahahaha, no. But I want to. I found the perfect perfect perfect DouWata song, no really, it's kind of embarrassing how much I'm invested with this, but it works so, so well. It's a cover of a song from the 90's and every lyric is perfection. At some point, I will provide visual evidence, yes I will.)

Star Trek (I have...a history with Trek. Mostly in that I don't like it at all. I was much more of a Star Wars girl when I was growing up. But this movie. THIS MOVIE. I don't want to be a Trekkie, no no no. Why do I like it so much???)

Graduation (actually, all I have to say is this- If you're going to quote 'Wear Sunscreen' in your graduation speech? Then goddamnit, say that you are quoting verbatim from 'Wear Sunscreen.' Especially if the students you are talking at would have been in middle school when the song came out and are therefore the MOST likely demographic to remember the damn song. K, thanks.)

(no, really, Jindal pulled FIVE things from that song, word for word. I just. I don't even know.)


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