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I really, really, really need to get back in the habit of posting again. orz

So hi~! :D :D :D Here, have a checklist.

Things I Have Been Doing:
  • Reading Natsume Yuujinchou! Parts of this series make me very nostalgic for old school Holic. ): But that's okay, really, because I liked old school Holic! The whole thing is very...soothing? Yes. Normally I love stories that I can sink my analytical teeth into (yes, my teeth are analytical, don't hate), but NY has this nice, chill, otherworldly vibe to it that's very relaxing. I think I have to be in the mood to read/watch it, though.
  • The last Holic OAV. ...no, you know what? I'm not even gonna go there. If I do I'll just spend (another) an hour tearing my hair out and blubbering. (alksdfjasfd, DOUMEKI. D:)
  • D. Gray-Man! I just started this series a little while ago and am now all caught up on the latest chapters and making my way through the anime. (Have noticed quite a bit of filler, heh.) Overall I really, really  like it. Lavi's my favorite, not gonna lie. And I've got a soft spot in my heart for poor emo Crowley. xD I hear there's been some massively long hiatuses for this series which I, for one, am glad to have missed. Still, I can see where the breaks in narrative occurred. I'm not sure how I feel about the new art (I LOVED how the characters were drawn in the Ark arc) and the action leading to the last Big Flashback Sequence was a bit messy and rushed, imo, but I'm still really interested to see where this all goes.
  • Pandora Hearts. I...I'm not sure I can say anything without breaking into AJSDFA'KSLD*OMG*JFA'SKLDJFASKJDF*SPOILER*ASLKDFALKSDFJ*SOB*ASKDJF;ASJDFASFD. I've decided to do a reread of PH starting very soon, though. :D There are still a lot of plot threads left dangling and I want to see if I can find them all.
  • (PH continued) oh, and considering the events of the last chapter...does this mean ::spoiler:: will become a Duke? Yeah. Think about that. I'm not sure it would really be allowed to happen, all things considered, but...it's possible. And that's pretty mindblowing.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender. I've been rewatching the series along with the Mark Reads/Watches site which has been great fun so far. The episode-a-day schedule is a bit slow, but worth it in the end. He starts Book 2 next week. *excited*
  • Oofuri. I need to get caught back up. orz
  • Reborn! *gigglesnort* Ah, KHR. Never change. Oh! Before I forget - What We Fought For by Metisket. Go read this right now. Run, do not walk. This fic is amazing. It's long, plotty, with great characterization and it has research notes. <3 The author calls it a real!mafia AU. I call it a freaking masterpiece. The story takes place just after Tsuna and Co return from the future. As the kids grow up, they find out that the mafia world, largely due to the Vongola's own growing power, has taken a step back from the flashy tactics of old. The Italian mafia no longer relies on flames, or rings, or high stakes battles - it has turned into the real world of Camorra clans. How does Tsuna deal with the real!mafia while still trying to protect his family? Seriously, this fic is amazing, check it out. And while you're at it, check out the author's other fics, too. She's amazing.
Quote from the fic, after Tsuna comes up with his Big Plan To Fix The Mafia and has to explain it to his Guardians:
Lambo had initially burst into tears, but Tsuna won him over by promising that no Bovinos would be shot. Ryouhei is game for anything extreme. Gokudera required a knock-down, drag-out argument and Yamamoto required two hours of careful explanation, but they’re both behind him now. Hibari finds the discipline in Southern Italy to be utterly lacking, and has threatened to fix it before. The prospect of a mafia family breaking the back of mafia power in Italy, meanwhile, delights Mukuro down to the bottom of his twisted soul. And finally, there’s Chrome, who has a higher opinion of Tsuna’s intelligence than she ought to, and is largely indifferent to the fate of anyone who isn’t Vongola. She sees nothing wrong with Tsuna’s plan.

So yeah! How've you all been lately? :D
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HELLO~  ♥ ♥ ♥

Hi. Wow. Been way, way, way too long. /o\ But I'm back~ And I have massive catching up to do!

Er, apparently Raw Paradise and OneManga shut down? And the internet semiexploded? But hey, it's not like there aren't a ton of other aggregate sites out there and at least the scanlation teams weren't targeted. Links break, but the internet moves on. So is life.

I have been doing the job thing, and by 'doing' I mean 'failing', so I am in the process of trying the job thing again. Family drama continues, but I have managed to extricate myself from it, thank god. I have been studying for the LSAT because I really can't avoid that much longer. I managed to loose my freaking driver's permit because it expired, how sad it that. It took a freaking MONTH to get a new one. (it is now official, I hate the DMV with a truly unholy passion. they made us wait outside for hours then told people to go home and come back tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and ARGH! it's summer! in florida!i still get twitches thinking about it.)

Have discovered Florence & the Machine. This should be interesting. Turns out it's good writing music.

Hm, fannish stuff. I watched BBC's Sherlock and I loved it to pieces. Or, alright, I loved the first and third episode to pieces, I kinda hit fast forward for most of the second. But the first and third were awesome! I read some Sherlock Holmes in middle school - Hound of the Baskervilles and a few short stories - so I was able to pick up on enough of the injokes for the show to be very amusing. ETA: aside from the slashyness, of course. :D  (And my ass is he a high functioning sociopath. They don't have a word for what he is, but it's not a sociopath. Yes, even if he exhibits some a disturbing number of the typical behaviors, there's a reason the DSM-IV is set up with a fluid diagnostic criteria - . /stops self before sidetracking into an Abnormal Psych rant.)

But yeah. Sherlock rocked. Ya'll should watch it.

Oh! And I read through the scanlations of Oofuri! I have lots to say about this!! ♥ (truthfully it's mostly along the lines of, 'oh god abe. ;_; i understand, bb, i do, but you can't do that. please stop doing that.' And what is this 'Kimobe' thing? And Meoto? And OH MY GOD WHY DID IT END THERE OH MY GOD. I think I will be needing some Oofuri icons. :D

The new PH chapter is out! And...so are all the other chapters I missed! orz Chapter recaps of those coming v. v. soon. And I think I'm gonna try reposting the faq, too, if for no other reason than to provide resource links now that OM is down.

Holic: ...you know, I'm feeling massively nostalgic for spazzy highschool!Watanuki. And Yuuko. And Himawari. Not that Watanuki isn't rocking the sexy outfits, but I miss the charm of how the series used to be. Still love it though. Damn you, CLAMP.
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Quick post - does anyone know if we ever got a clearer version of FWR's little harem, other than the one in the first chapter? Something just occurred to me and I wanna check it out, but that first panel isn't detailed enough...

eta: okay, the reason I wanted a clearer look at those girls was to see if maybe they corresponded to the Clients that have appeared in Holic. Not that they are the clients, but if FWR has a connection to either Watanuki or Doumeki (or even Yuuko), those girls may have molded after the women we've seen in xxxHolic.

Also? I'm almost sure FWR is from the future.  )
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...oh my god.




It never ends. Because everyone is in a freaking time loop. It never ends.

This is what happens when I finally take the time to sleep! The world, it goes crazy!



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Here's the thing about that Stupid Egg. In my head? It is a black hole. Ever it showed up, every time I tried to think about what the hell it could be, all of my thoughts just went WOOOSH, into the void, never to return.

It drove me so crazy that for a long time, whenever I saw mention of that Stupid Egg, I plugged my fingers in my ears and went LaLaLaLaLa. Stupid Egg. La. La.

...and then I (maybe) had a breakthrough.

And there's every chance in the world that I'm wrong, but since we're getting very, very close to the wire (Sept 30!), I figure it's now or never. Time to put my chips on the table, so to speak. So.

i think i know what the egg is, maybe, possibly, omg THAT STUPID EGG )
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I have decided that FWR was a red herring and that the real evil mastermind behind it all is Kohane from the Future.  : O  <-- that is a 'shocked' face.

No, really, it makes sense! Like, remember how strangely serious and grim Yuuko was when she found out Watanuki was getting closer to Kohane? That's because she knew the truth. One day, Kohane will snap and start making clones of everyone. Which is why Kyle sorta looks like Watanuki, Xing Huo sortamaybe looks like Himawari, and FWR sortamaybekinda looks like Doumeki. It was in front of us the entire time, but we just didn't see it. And now, the world will end because we trusted the cute little girl to not be a raging psychopath which was clearly a bad judgment call on our parts, so we should all be ashamed of ourselves and let Kohane rip apart the fabric of reality for our penance.

...have I mentioned I've been up for over 24 hours at this point? Cuz, um. Yeah.

(oh god, I'm sorry Kohane, sweetie, I didn't mean it)

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Tsubasa...is ending?


Oh my god.

*wanders around dazed*

...wait, what about Holic?
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Fanmix by [livejournal.com profile] ceitean
For [profile] mairenn_k
xxxHolic - Yuuko Ichihara
(asterisks link to MU)


Comment if taking, enjoy!
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It is now three hours into the 28th. Where are my chapters. *cries*
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- I just accidentally swallowed a whole cough drop. At least I'm not coughing anymore?

- Watching SYTYCD makes me want to dance again. \o/

- I've got a Word doc open called, 'TIMELINE.' I wanted to try and map out the various timelines in Holic and Tsubasa. The page is very blank. I think it's staring at me.
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Things that make me happy: discussion on the [livejournal.com profile] xxx_holic comm! :D :D :D Half of it is me blabbing away at anyone willing to talk to me, but still. Discussion! :D

Things that make me feel FLAMES on the sides of my FACE
: The Last Airbender movie and the new headshots of the four leads. -_- (see [livejournal.com profile] racebending and [profile] aang_aint_white for more details.)

Things that are pleasantly surprising: The last Saiyuki chapter! That was interesting. More on this later.

Things that I really need to get my ass working on: Cliche Bingo. *small voice* Someone teach me how to write fanfic? I think I forgot...

Things that WILL happen sometime soon: getting G on either LJ or DW. It's gonna happen. I will make it happen. Yes, I will.

Things I am pondering: Is it possible to start up a Holic-reread comm? We've got a break right now and we're heading into the final stretch, so it seems like a good time to start one. Maybe something like, read two chapters a week, then discuss? Anyone on my flist interested?

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*cries about there not being an english version*

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1)  I have been spending my days playing a lot of Rock Band and reading some ST:Reboot fic.

I was playing yesterday when Conventional Lover by Speck came on. It's important to note that  I read the band name as 'Spock' at the time.

So I'm playing the song and it's gets about a third of the way through before I really start listening to the lyrics. I started laughing and laughing and messing up my score beyond belief because that is one tricky chorus, but I did not care because I was laughing too much.

A little taste.

"I wanna be your captain, my Pon Farr is a-risin'
So step on over here girl, my love is enterprisin'."

And since I had read the band name as Spock at first, I spent the entire song imagining it was Spock singing it instead of a Trekkie fanboy. I think my interpretation is better. XD

2) On the subject of Star Trek, there's something I feel the need to make very clear.

I am not a Trekkie.

I come from a solidly Star Wars based household. My early scifi experiences were all built around good, Force-based values, none of this  wamsy-pamsy Prime Directive mumbo jumbo. It has always been an established fact in my understanding of the extended universe that Kirk was a tool and Solo was made of awesome. That was just the way things were.

The movie...may have changed things. I think I'm having an existential crises. People, I have been to Memory Alpha. *holds head in hands*

I am not a Trekkie, I am not a Trekkie, iamnotatrekkie.

3) The new Holic chapter is out! Am still waiting for translations since written Japanese and I do not go well together. Then again, spoken Japanese and I don't get along all that well either, but at least we're on speaking terms with each other. (haha, see what I did there, i am so lame. /o\)

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So the OAD finally downloaded.

That...that wasn't in the manga... )

Last thing- they got Ame Warashi's hair color right this time around! Good job!

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Watching SYTYCD right now while I wait for the Holic OAD to download. I expect it might be done sometime next month. -_-

Go faaaaaaaaster.
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I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

And in the process of crossing over some posts. I've been fairly active on the Jim Butcher.com forum and have posted a lot about his Dresden Files series there. I'm going to be moving most of those posts over here soon, so hopefully there will be some more activity now. ^_^

Quick reaction on the manga front-

1) he was almost Hokage! that would have been so awesome. :D :D :D 

2) he's the son of his own clone. i just. i don't even know.


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