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1) Have seen Fast and Furious. AWESOME. Will probably have some kind of recap later, but for now-  Brian + Dom = LOVE. Though I've pretty much lost my chance of seeing Watchmen in theaters. Yay for Blockbuster?

2) Am rewatching Avatar with a friend, half in person and half through AIM, because my *beep* job doesn't let me leave the building for 24 hours. Pfff.

We're up to the halfway mark in the second season, right before the overall plot really starts happening (the one with the creepy owl, you know what I'm talking about). Can't wait for the season finale. :D She is completely unspoiled for the series, unlike I was, and it's really hard to keep my mouth shut about certain things (I managed to not mention Toph AT ALL, and let me tell you, it was hard.)

3) Ahahaha, that FWR post I did last week? I think maybe I over did it a little. Or broke to many brains, or something. Comment thread on this journal went to 14, comment thread on the main xxxHolic community went to 122.  (The last time I posted over there it went up to the 80s. XD) Who has no life? *raises hand*

4) I have a couple more xxxHolic posts in the works, plus one on Merlin and Supernatural. We'll see. Mostly thoughts on Gwen and Castiel. I really can't wait for Merlin to start up again. It had such a good start, fandom wise, but the limited number of episodes (as opposed to American TV) may have hurt its...longevity? Or something. Anyway, more canon is always good and I've heard that there will be jousting this time around. *waggles eyebrows*

5) I am suddenly craving chocolate milk.

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You know what's great? Merlin. It's awesome.

What, don't believe me?

Then I give you:

Why I Love Merlin- Part One )


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