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Here's the thing about that Stupid Egg. In my head? It is a black hole. Ever it showed up, every time I tried to think about what the hell it could be, all of my thoughts just went WOOOSH, into the void, never to return.

It drove me so crazy that for a long time, whenever I saw mention of that Stupid Egg, I plugged my fingers in my ears and went LaLaLaLaLa. Stupid Egg. La. La.

...and then I (maybe) had a breakthrough.

And there's every chance in the world that I'm wrong, but since we're getting very, very close to the wire (Sept 30!), I figure it's now or never. Time to put my chips on the table, so to speak. So.

i think i know what the egg is, maybe, possibly, omg THAT STUPID EGG )
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I have decided that FWR was a red herring and that the real evil mastermind behind it all is Kohane from the Future.  : O  <-- that is a 'shocked' face.

No, really, it makes sense! Like, remember how strangely serious and grim Yuuko was when she found out Watanuki was getting closer to Kohane? That's because she knew the truth. One day, Kohane will snap and start making clones of everyone. Which is why Kyle sorta looks like Watanuki, Xing Huo sortamaybe looks like Himawari, and FWR sortamaybekinda looks like Doumeki. It was in front of us the entire time, but we just didn't see it. And now, the world will end because we trusted the cute little girl to not be a raging psychopath which was clearly a bad judgment call on our parts, so we should all be ashamed of ourselves and let Kohane rip apart the fabric of reality for our penance.

...have I mentioned I've been up for over 24 hours at this point? Cuz, um. Yeah.

(oh god, I'm sorry Kohane, sweetie, I didn't mean it)


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