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Hey, hey, guess what?

I got 50k on my NaNo. :D

(right, well, technically I got 50k near midnight on the 14th and I haven't written a word since, but still, 50k.)

I'm still in the game, though - my goal from the start was 75-100k, so I've got a long way to go until I reach the final finish line. And the editing, oh god, the editing I will have to do. But (hopefully!) by the end of all this I will have something resembling a manuscript I wouldn't feel ashamed of letting see the light of day. And if nothing else, I'll have learned a LOT about writing and about my own limits.

Ah, and before I forget - I wrote this before NaNo in one of the writing comms and since then it's been reposted in like, five different places that aren't my own journal. Methinks this should be rectified. So here's the secret to my success! (apologies to the people on my flist who've seen this before xD)

The Twelve Steps to NaNoWriMo Success

Step 1 - Turn off the internet.

Step 2 - Make sure your butt is comfortably seated in your chair.

Step 3 - Turn off/on the music, depending on what works for you.

Step 4 - ah ah ah, I see you reaching for that internet switch. You were just gonna check your email, sure. TURN IT OFF.

Step 5 - Open up your word processor of choice.

Step 6 - Oh come on, I said you need to turn off - NO. STEP AWAY FROM THE TVTROPES PAGE. IT IS NOT RESEARCH. YOU ARE FOOLING NO ONE.

Step 7 - Is the internet off? Good. Make sure it stays off.

Step 8 - Start typing. Type gobbledegook at first if you don't know where to start, but get those fingers moving.

Step 8b - 'Staring at the blinking cursor' is not the definition of 'typing.' Just so you know.

Step 9 - Sorry, bathroom breaks are for people who've written over 600 words. Have you written over 600 words yet? Then keep typing. Tomorrow the limit goes up to 800, so you'd best get that bladder under control now.

Step 10 - No, you can't get up to get a snack. Tell your stomach who's boss. (ie, your wordcount.)

Step 11 - Keep typing until you get past 1667 words.

Step 12 - Do the same thing everyday. Yes, that means tomorrow, too. And the day after. And the day after that. Everyday.

Aaaand viola! Those are secrets to success. Heed them well.


The girl who wrote 50k words in two weeks
(why no, I'm not smug about that at all. :3)
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