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Thing that makes me sad: YENPRESS. Why you gotta take my fix away? Was that really necessary? D:

Thing that makes me happy!: It's my birthday and the world hasn't come crashing down yet. :D :D :D (no, really, I have such bad luck with birthdays, you have no idea)

Thing that makes me sad: My driver's permit runs out today. Yes, I'm already in my twenties. No, I don't know how to drive yet. Yes, this is getting ridiculous. /o\

Thing that makes me happy!: I might be going to Argentina in October! For like, a month! Or at least a few weeks. Part of my mom's family still lives there, so I'll be staying with my Aunt Gladys (tia gladys? idek) . One problem - my Spanish is...yeah, let's not talk about it. And I kind of don't feel like leaving my dog for so long (shaddup, he's old). But Argentina! I have to ponder this more.

Stuff About The Pro-Author Wank That's Making the Rounds

It's funny. Almost all of the authors who've been having spazz attacks about fanfic clearly have no idea what it even is. Like, none at all. And it just gets more hilarious when you realize each of the authors is guilty of committing fic themselves:

- Galbadon based her main character off of a Doctor Who companion (it's not just 'inspired by' when you take the character's name, the actor's name, the character's disposition, the character's primary setting and clothing, and add in time travel. Just sayin'),

- George RR Martin freaking WROTE CROSSOVER FIC for that Character Cage Match Up thing a few months ago wherein he wrote a snippet of one of his characters having a duel with Hermione Granger (what's that? you didn't ask JK Rowling for direct permission to use her character to win more votes? you don't say),

- and while I don't have much on Katherine Kerr (though honestly, I'm thinking that's just a matter of time) the fact that she gets up on a high horse about originality and imagination while writing about freaking elves and orcs and dwarfs is really a bit much.

I really think this is a generational thing. I have never met anyone under the age of 30 who had a serious problem with fanfic. They might not have liked it, but they mostly understood it. Hell, most people I know got exposed to the concept in freaking school when one of the assignments was to write an extra scene/alternate ending/epilogue of The Outsiders or whatever else was on the required reading list. Fic is not a new concept.

And please, please stop it with the legal arguments. FWIU, fic falls under copyright law and copyright cases are determined by a case by case basis. You can't say that fanfiction is illegal! Because it isn't!  If you really feel like it, you could sue one author over one fic and maybe maybe maybe the ruling will be that the work is an infringement on your copyright, but I really doubt it unless you were selling it (hi, Fair Use). And even if it was deemed to be an an infringement, that's only one fic! Unless some judge had a serious vendetta against fic because someone wrote Furry RPF of them and their dog, I really don't think there will ever be a broad stroke ruling either for or against fic. There's no point. 

But when it comes down to it, 'IT'S ONLY COOLLEGALETHICALCREATIVEMORALIMAGINATIVEAWESOME WHEN PRO-AUTHORS DO IT, SO THE REST OF YOU PLEBES NEED TO GTFO' - is not the best way to gather and keep fans of your work. You know. The people who buy your books and enable you to write for a living.

But hey, what do I know. It's not like I have a bunch of birthday cash to spend at Barnes and Noble. (and guess who is not going to be on the To Buy list.)

And I'm sorry, but if you still don't know how to use italics when posting in blogs? I judge you. I judge you so hard. 
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