Nov. 1st, 2010

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So, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year! Shoot me now.

I started writing in a notebook as soon as I woke up this morning. In 3-4ish hours (there were multiple breaks <.<) I wrote over 4000 words. Not bad, all things considered. I'm trying for 75-100k this year, so that puts me right on track.

Still need to do more outlining, or else I will stall in the middle of week two and fail fail fail. I'm not sure whether or not to count my plotting in my general wordcount because that kind of feels like cheating to me, but I suspect I will change my mind once I start lagging behind my daily goals. XD

But as of right now I'm on a roll with my beta of Scrivener and my notebooks and my snacks and my virtual hot chocolate (♥ [ profile] levels !). I spent a good chunk of October planning this thing (hence my absence, sigh), so hopefully everything will go mostly smooth on the writing front.

Anyone else doing Nano this year? Come, join me in my insanity. :D :D :D
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Ahem. Also:


To [ profile] eire_endellion, [ profile] wawawench , [ profile] levels ,[ profile] areku14 , [ profile] optimist_ice  and [ profile] hipbone_fairy !

Aaaand also to [ profile] phoenixs_honour , [ profile] mockeryx , [ profile] woodburner ,[ profile] raelynae , [ profile] ocelotspots , and [ profile] glareola !

And (damn, I've been away for a long time) a very belated happy birthday to [ profile] astrialite , [ profile] iamlolweasel , [ profile] parapluies , [ profile] wizefics , [ profile] puutarhalapio , [ profile] evercool , [ profile] rabid_fyrefly , and [ profile] meirin !

*lets out breath*

As long as it's not past the six month mark, it's not too late to say happy birthday. Because I said so. <.<


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